Michelle Monaghan Wants To Reunite With Tom Cruise For 'Mission: Impossible IV'

Last time we checked in on possibility-defying super-agent Ethan Hunt, he had once again saved the world and was headed off on his honeymoon. Three years after "Mission: Impossible III" ended, Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams are gearing up for a fourth go at the franchise. So what's happened to Hunt during this period of "Mission" silence?

Has he given up the life of a secret-keeping secret agent for the pleasures and pains of committed matrimony? Or did Hunt ditch his bride Julia and dive back into a world of insurmountable obstacles, cool gadgets and witty one-liners? And how, if at all, would Hunt's character arc impact the possibility of Michelle Monaghan, who played Julia, returning to the franchise?

"I haven't [talked to J.J.], but I'm interested," the actress told MTV News recently. "I'd like to see what's going on with that. Obviously, it's an amazing franchise and I had so much fun making that film. I would love to be a part of '4' if they'll have me."

Check out the video to see what she thinks is cooking between Julia and Ethan and why the thought of rejoining Cruise has her saying, "Hell yeah!"