'Where The Wild Things Are' Forts And A Hot Vampire List Around The Blogosphere

--Yesterday, news broke that Fox had picked up a pitch for a "300"-style retelling of Moses' rescue of the Hebrews from a life of slavery in Egypt. That got the folks over at Cinematical thinking about other ancient epics that are primed and ready for the "300" treatment. Of the five listed, I'd most like to see an "Epic of Gilgamesh" adaptation happen. An odd couple buddy pairing? A globe-trotting road trip? Bring on the green screen! (Cinematical)

--Vampires are so hot right now, and we have "Twilight" to thank for it. Sci Fi Wire has a list up of "16 hot movie and TV vampires who turn us into willing victims." I think you might find some of their choices a bit controversial. Maybe not the selections, but one absence in particular. I'm a little surprised at the exclusion of "Twilight"'s Edward Cullen, Mr. Robert Pattinson. Sure, the headline says "turn us into willing victims," but it's hard to deny the guy's appeal. That said, as a child of the '80s I was pleased to see Kiefer Sutherland's David, from "The Lost Boys," among those listed.

--We Love You So, the great, great "Where the Wild Things Are" official blog, has been running a rather cool contest. They've challenged fans to build and snap photos of homemade forts. The prize? A rather sweet-looking "Wild Things"-branded Xbox 360. It's too late to win the prize, but you can click over and enjoy the fruits of other people's labors. (We Love You So)