Angelina Jolie Maybe Replaces Charlize Theron As 'The Tourist'

A year ago, it seemed a remake of Jerome Salle's French thriller "Anthony Zimmer" was all set to begin filming in early 2009 with Tom Cruise and Charlize Theron starring and Bharat Nalluri ("The Crow: Salvation") directing. All of those players have now passed their respective hats though. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Theron is out and will potentially be replaced by Angelina Jolie.

The English-language redo, which is titled "The Tourist," had already seen Cruise replaced with "Terminator Salvation" actor Sam Worthington. Reportedly Nalluri is also off the film and producers seek a filmmaker who will work well with Jolie. Interestingly enough, the female half of Brangelina just finished shooting the action/thriller "Salt," for which she had replaced Cruise in the gender-switched lead role.

It is somewhat surprising that Jolie would go from that movie to a similar project, as both are thrillers in which she plays an international agent of some sort. For "Salt," she plays an American spy whose allegiance is put in question. In the seemingly Hitchcock-like "The Tourist" she'll play an Interpol agent gone undercover to entrap a criminal who is also her former lover. The title refers to an innocent American who is drawn into the case.

No stranger to action-heavy roles, "The Tourist" should be more "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" than "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider." Thankfully. And who wouldn't rather see Jolie as a sexy globo-cop than Charlize Theron who, after "Aeon Flux" and "Hancock," has yet to show herself worthy of action roles?

Do you prefer Angelina Jolie for an action thriller like "The Tourist" over Charlize Theron? Do you prefer she do more action-heavy movies than Oscar-baiting roles?

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