Rainn Wilson Ensnares A Frightened Rabbit In Today's Daily TwitPic

You can always tell I'm out of my comfort zone with the Daily TwitPic by how much beating around the bush is done. Take today. I've never seen "The Office," never heard the music of Frightened Rabbit. And yet, from what I can tell today's TwitPic is about both.

"The Office" is popular, right? Before it, Rainn Wilson had always struck me as a particularly recognizable "that guy," with my favorite role being his creepy undertaker on HBO's "Six Feet Under." Now he's got "The Office" which, again, is pretty darn popular. As for Frightened Rabbit, they're a Scottish indie rock band of whom Wilson is apparently a fan. So he was understandably excited when the quintet stopped by the office (or is it "The Office"?) to say hi. You can see Wilson geeking out after the jump.

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