'The Howling' Takes A Bite Out Of Today's eBay Prop-Watch

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know here, but werewolves kind of kick ass. They are tragic figures, afflicted with a disease that causes them to turn into mindless, slavering beasts beneath the light of a full moon. Vampires have their own share of tragedy, but they keep it well-hidden behind layers of cunning and deceit. Werewolves are just poor souls who've been victimized by bad luck.

Today's eBay Prop-Watch is all about paying some love to the werewolves. One pack in particular, featured in director Joe Dante's classic "The Howling." Most of these werepuppies aren't tragic figures; they're awesome figures. Just like today's Prop-Watch pick.

Badass, right? It's a full-size, three-piece werewolf outfit "modeled after the character played by Eddie Quist." I can't tell if that means this is a replica or not, but there's no mention in the description of a certificate of authenticity. As cool as this item is -- and make no mistake, it is -- it's a tough call considering the steep $2,500 Buy It Now price tag.