EXCLUSIVE: Daft Punk To Cameo In 'Tron Legacy'

Daft Punk likes to play dress up. The Euro electronica duo is basically never seen in public without spaceman helmets clamped to their heads. It's a look that would not be out of place in a sci-fi flick like, say, "Tron Legacy," Disney's mega-budget remake of the 1982 original about artificial intelligence, a computer-generated world and Jeff Bridges in a skin-tight neon suit.

And that's just where Daft Punk will be when the new "Tron" hits theaters in December 2010. MTV News has exclusively learned that the group will not only be scoring the film—as previously revealed—but that they will actually appearing in the movie itself.

"They were in the movie," star Olivia Wilde let slip during an interview with Josh Horowitz.

The 25-year-old "House" actress didn't go into detail about what Daft Punk's role will be, nor how long they will be on screen for, but she did say Disney is looking to feature the band in future promotions. "There's some ideas in the works about how to incorporate them into a Comic-Con event," said Wilde.

When it came to talk about the film itself, though, Wilde had to keep her lips sealed, both as a result of a keep-everything-under-wraps policy and because she hadn't yet seen any finished, CG-enhanced footage. While she wouldn't confirm that her character boards one of the iconic lightcycles in the film, Wilde did say she gets to toss around one of the famous glowing discs. "I do use the disc," she said. "But I don't play with it in the same way as the other characters. I have my own way to use it."

Like Wilde, we'll all probably have to wait until next Comic-Con for an extended look at "Tron Legacy." And what will happen when we do get that coveted glimpse? "San Diego might explode!" she predicted.