James Franco Is Coming To 'General Hospital'... No, Really.

On Thursday, the world was sort of stumped when it was announced that James Franco would have a recurring cameo role on soap opera, "General Hospital." The general response was: Why is James Franco going to do anything with "General Hospital"?

Well now it seems that answer has been uncovered. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor and college student Franco very succinctly explained, “It’s performance art.”

Ah! Performance art! That makes, um, sense. Sure! Okay, so yeah. Apparently Franco has the same manager as one of the actors on the show. But we sort of love the performance art explanation a lot more. A lot more.

In case this groundbreaking casting news has somehow passed you by, here's the deal: Franco has signed on to play a mysterious character on the long-running ABC soap opera in a story arc that begins November 20. Franco's recurring role on the daily soap is expected to last for two months.

So what will Franco be doing in Port Charles? Well for now that seems to be kept very much under wraps. "It's an honor that an actor of Franco's caliber would choose to spend some of his valuable time in Port Charles," executive producer Jill Farren Phelps told USA Today.