'Shaun Of The Dead' Zombies 'Got Wood' In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

One of the movies that I expect will perform well this weekend -- off of some solid buzz and a great cast, primarily -- is "Zombieland." They may not have penetrated the zeitgeist to the same degree as vampires and werewolves (thanks "Twilight"!), but the shambling, brain-eating dead are most definitely "in."

There aren't any "Zombieland" props up on eBay yet, but I've found something similarly relevant and just as cool for today's eBay Prop-Watch. It's an item from the inventive Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg zombie horror-comedy, "Shaun of the Dead." Hit the jump to see for yourself.

This is the bloodied-up "I Got Wood" T-shirt worn by Nick Frost's character, Ed. That's real, actual zombie blood staining the T-shirt, sealed in a nicely designed display case, complete with laser etching and movie stills. Plus, it comes from The Prop Store of London, which means you get a certificate of authenticity. All for the (not so) low, low Buy It Now price of $1,869.