'Halloween 3-D' Production Stalls, But That's A Good Thing

It's been a bumpy few weeks for the "Halloween" franchise. Director Rob Zombie's sequel released only a few weeks ago, at the end of August. And yet there's already been a sequel confirmation, an announced summer 2010 release and a director secured-- "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" helmer Patrick Lussier. Following on the heels of Bob Weinstein's recent sequel re-confirmation last week, plans seem to have suddenly changed. For better or for worse... you decide.

Weinstein himself put the brakes on things, according to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood (and further confirmed by Lussier to Shock Till You Drop). Apparently, the studio head decided -- wisely, I think -- that things were getting too rushed for a summer '10 release. Lussier is already booked to helm the Nicolas Cage-starring "Drive Angry" and he'll likely keep busy until then promoting the January release of "Valentine."

I have to say, the brothers Weinstein are making some smart business maneuvers these days. Say what you will about Bob's desire to return to franchises and what that means for originality -- or the lack thereof -- in Hollywood. It was still a shrewd move to assault us all with a litany of upcoming sequels and remakes for popular classics like "Children of the Corn," "Spy Kids" and "Scanners" (I'm still reeling at that last one). There was quite a bit of (I think intended) shock value in that announcement; clearly, the Weinsteins are hoping to recapture some of the glory that made Miramax such a powerhouse.

Finke also mentioned in the same report that "Halloween II," which you can probably still catch in some theaters, will get a limited Halloween re-release for midnight showings. "Saw VI"/"Halloween II" double-feature anyone?

Are you happy that "Halloween 3-D" will be delayed, the better to ensure that it is done right? Or do you think the franchise is tired, and that neither Lussier nor anyone else is up to the task of keeping it relevant for today's audiences?