Mount The Head Of A Mogwai On Your Wall In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a gremlin. "Gremlins" even. Joe Dante's classic comedy horror flick "Gremlins" -- not to mention the criminally underrated follow-up "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" -- are delightfully entertaining relics from the '80s. One of the few surviving classics that remains untouched by Hollywood's weird fascination with franchise reboots, these are movies that still hold up today. There's plenty about them that's dated, sure. But the pair are as entertaining, as funny, as immediately memorable as they've always been.

That's why I'm featuring a second "Gremlins" item for eBay Prop-Watch in as many weeks. This is a good one too, even better than last week's gremlin head. Not only is it cheaper, it's also professionally mounted and comes packing a certificate of authenticity from our pals at The Propstore of London. Hit the jump to behold the awesome.

The Buy It Now asking price for this beauty, Gizmo's head from "Gremlins 2," is 750GBP (or roughly $1200). Not nearly as steep as the $6K attached to last week's gremlin head. As you can see, the head is stored for presentation in a frame, complete with stills from the movie and etched-on artwork. A worthy addition to any "Gremlins" fan's collection.