'Couples Retreat' In Bora Bora Comes To An End With Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell And 'Real Sex'

Yesterday was the big interview day at the “Couples Retreat” junket in Bora Bora. It was also a big day for the South Pacific mosquitoes to discover how tasty I could be. I have a feeling they’ll miss my sweet flesh more than I’ll miss the postcard perfect vistas here. But you don’t want to hear the whining of a guy working in Bora Bora. The day was unique for a variety of reasons. In keeping with the theme of my post the other day I’ll share with you some more useful life lessons I picked up.

MALIN AKERMAN MAKES A DELIGHTFUL MARGARITA. God bless contrived interview settings because otherwise a scenario like this would be HIGHLY unlikely to take place. Yes, for a portion of the afternoon, the super sweet and lovely “Watchmen” star mixed some cocktails for Vince Vaughn and myself as we chatted about unwinding in Bora Bora, relationships (Swinger Vaughn is settling down at last) and comic book flicks. Vince and I also came to blows a few times as my passive/aggressive asides were latched on to by the big man. Nothing gets by Vince and he kept me on our toes. Stay tuned for our tense (in a good way!) chat.

TRAP JON FAVREAU ON A GOLF CART IF YOU WANT “IRON MAN 2” DIRT. Jon and I spent a leisurely drive on a cart together (he drove, I pestered) yesterday as he kindly pointed out some of his favorite sights in Bora Bora and let me hammer away with queries about his little superhero franchise AND “Cowboys & Aliens.” Good stuff on the way there.

JASON BATEMAN AND KRISTEN BELL ARE DIRTY. I actually chatted with this duo twice yesterday—once in a traditional sit-down setting and once on a boat. Both conversations were loaded with references to insertion, "Real Sex" and underwear. We’ll try to bring you as much of the raunchy fun as possible but it’s safe to say you might hear a few bleeps when we roll these interviews out.

We’re packing up for the big trip home now! Hope you guys enjoy seeing this stuff as much as we did filming it. Time to rack up some frequent flier miles again.