Tim Allen Buzzing About 'Toy Story' Re-Releases, Love and Greenbacks

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there have never been a group of moviemakers better at appealing to multiple generations than the dudes over at Disney. During the last decade-and-a-half, they’ve received a major assist from Pixar and this weekend the powerhouse movie entities join forces again to bring the first two “Toy Story” films back in 3-D. Recently, we caught up with Tim Allen and he weighed in on whether Buzz Lightyear’s return to cinemas is motivated by money, nostalgia, the opportunity for a new audience – or all of the above.

“Disney loves these projects, and those of us involved in [the ‘Toy Story’ franchise] think it’s a good idea to see these in theaters again,” explained Allen, who voices Buzz. “That’s what it’s about, really. It’s not like Disney needs the coin. That’s not what this is about, people! This is about love - in the shape of greenbacks.”

Judging by the fact that the first two “Toy Story” flicks took in nearly half a billion at the box-office, it seems that these are two very loved films. Now, this weekend’s 3-D re-releases will reinforce that love by raking in a few more dollars – while simultaneously setting up next summer’s “Toy Story 3.”

“[This re-release] reminds you how good these things are; they’ve re-mastered them in 3-D and they look spectacular,” Allen said, insisting that what makes the “Toy Story” films great in 3-D is the fact that the first two weren’t made with three dimensional space in mind.

“Remember when we got a video camera, all you did was zoom and pan? Critical filmmakers never zoom and pan,” he laughed, explaining that gimmick 3-D is something to avoid at all costs, but 3-D with a plot makes a perfect in-theater experience. “Look, you can download stuff to your watch. People say ‘Look at that! I can see the movie! Isn’t that great?’ I’m going: ‘Why would you want the image [on your watch] when you can see it [on a big screen]? I can go sit with other people, and enjoy it. I want people going back to the movies. Bringing [the ‘Toy Story’ films] back to the movie theaters reminds people how beautiful this thing looks. No matter what system you have at home, it won’t look as good as it does in a theater.”

Besides “Toy Story,” what other franchise deserves a return to the big screen in state-of-the-art 3-D?