Jane Lynch Talks 'Paul,' Seth Rogen, Simon Pegg And Eating With Aliens

One of the movies we’re watching closely in these parts is “Paul,” the next off-the-wall comedy from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Two of the guys behind “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz.” By now, you probably know that "Paul" has a dream cast which includes Pegg, Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Bateman and Bill Hader. However, little has been divulged about the role played by comedy veteran Jane Lynch – a scene stealer in flicks like “Role Models,” “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and most any Christopher Guest mockumentary you can think of. Until now, that is.

“In ‘Paul,’ I am in one scene, but it’s a pretty cool one,” Lynch explained when we caught up with her recently. “I run this little restaurant called the ‘Ailey-Inn.’”

For those of you who might not get the gag, “Paul” is about some comic book geeks who make friends with an alien near Area 51. Lynch plays Pat, the proprietor of a diner that aims to capitalize on the area’s E.T. notoriety.

“It’s an alien-themed diner, and of course, they’re geeks,” she laughed. “Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have just come from Comic-Con, and they’re reading their cartoon books. They are so into this stuff, the alien stuff. Seth Rogen plays the voice of the alien, and there’s a lot of great people in the movie.”

The recently-wrapped film is due in theaters next year, and will feature some memorable moments in Lynch’s diner. “There’s some trail in Nevada that’s supposedly [where aliens have landed], and they’re on the trail,” she explained.

“[My character] owns the Ailey-Inn and she’s way into it,” Lynch said of her latest over-the-top comedic character, which we’ll see on screen sometime next year. “She’s profiting financially from [all these alien-hunting tourists], so she’s their good friend.”

From “Role Models” to “Spring Breakdown” to “Smiley Face” and the Christopher Guest movies, Jane Lynch sure has stolen a lot of funny scenes over the last few years on TV and in movies. Which is your favorite?