‘Ghostbusters’ Locations Through The Years And Debugging The Science Of Sci-Fi Around The Blogosphere

–But first, more peer-created “Where the Wild Things Are” art! The movie’s official We Love You So blog has been supporting a Crailtap contest asking for imaginative Photoshop work-ups of “Wild Things” art in pop culture imagery. The results have been impressive, to say the least. (We Love You So)

–This next one comes compliments of MTV Movies Blog reader Rebekah Burgess. I love myself some “Ghostbusters.” It’s a bonafide classic, and it’s set in a New York City that doesn’t really exist anymore. Not that you’d be able to tell by simply comparing the locations. A pair of new posts on Scouting New York show a series of “then & now” photos — movie stills compared with current-day locations — from “Ghostbusters,” with appropriate commentary. It’s fantastic; I urge you all to click through and see for yourselves. (Scouting New York (Part 1) and Scouting New York (Part 2))

–Finally, Sci Fi Wire writer Wil McCarthy runs through some of the very non-scientific points he’s noticed about Shane Acker’s “9” and Roland Emmerich’s upcoming “2012.” It’s sort of a call-out to those filmmakers who too quickly lose sight of the “science” in science fiction. An interesting read, to say the least. (Sci Fi Wire)

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