'Ghostbusters' Locations Through The Years And Debugging The Science Of Sci-Fi Around The Blogosphere

--But first, more peer-created "Where the Wild Things Are" art! The movie's official We Love You So blog has been supporting a Crailtap contest asking for imaginative Photoshop work-ups of "Wild Things" art in pop culture imagery. The results have been impressive, to say the least. (We Love You So)

--This next one comes compliments of MTV Movies Blog reader Rebekah Burgess. I love myself some "Ghostbusters." It's a bonafide classic, and it's set in a New York City that doesn't really exist anymore. Not that you'd be able to tell by simply comparing the locations. A pair of new posts on Scouting New York show a series of "then & now" photos -- movie stills compared with current-day locations -- from "Ghostbusters," with appropriate commentary. It's fantastic; I urge you all to click through and see for yourselves. (Scouting New York (Part 1) and Scouting New York (Part 2))

--Finally, Sci Fi Wire writer Wil McCarthy runs through some of the very non-scientific points he's noticed about Shane Acker's "9" and Roland Emmerich's upcoming "2012." It's sort of a call-out to those filmmakers who too quickly lose sight of the "science" in science fiction. An interesting read, to say the least. (Sci Fi Wire)