Danny Trejo Joining 'Predators' Is The Best News You'll Hear All Day

So the word on the street is that Danny Trejo, frequent Robert Rodriguez collaborator and star of the upcoming "Grindhouse"-inspired "Machete," is heading to another Rodriguez-produced project — none other than mother-loving "Predators."

Punch Drunk Critics caught up with the actor over the weekend at HorrorFind Weekend, where Trejo claimed that "we" start shooting "Predators" in about a month — the "we" presumably meaning himself, Rodriguez, director Nimrod Antal and whoever else is still unmentioned for roles in the film.

Needless to say, this is absolutely awesome. Trejo could be a fantastic spiritual successor to "Predator"'s Billy (Sonny Landham), a more-than-adequate replacement to Jesse Ventura's gruff-and-tough Blain and — dare I say it — a leading man with a presence to rival even Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch. Indeed, Trejo joining the "Predator" franchise is easily one of the greatest bits of movie news I've heard in recent months.

Really, the very inclusion of Trejo in a number of franchises could be an instant recipe for success. Just consider the following properties — some of which are floundering, some of which have yet to flourish — and imagine how much better the very thought of Trejo's inclusion makes each of them.

TERMINATOR: Overall, the response on "Terminator Salvation" was lukewarm at best. Wanna know why? Because Danny Trejo wasn't a Terminator. Look at the guy! Sure, he's not exactly inconspicuous enough to integrate into the rebel forces without stirring some suspicion — but who needs subtlety when you can bench press your way through John Connor's face?

LOBO: Over at Splash Page, I recently did a casting call for actors who could play Lobo in the upcoming Guy Ritchie-directed comic book flick. I neglected to mention Trejo's name, and frankly, I feel like a horse's patoot for the exclusion. Trejo is absolutely perfect for the main man, and I should be branded with a scarlet letter for my blatant disservice to geekdom.

RED DAWN: Is there a better defense against an army of invading Russian soldiers than one Danny Trejo? Short answer: no, except for an army of Danny Trejos. The "Red Dawn" remake already has its work cut out for it in surpassing the original, but the mere inclusion of Trejo could instantly elevate it to cult classic status.

WORLD OF WARCRAFT: Sam Raimi is gearing up for "World of Warcraft" based on the wildly popular MMORPG, so he'll surely need a cast of burly sword-wielding soldiers and an endless horde of orcs. Trejo, of course, could swing both ways — though the thought of a make-up infused, orc-styled Danny Trejo is perhaps my favorite mental image of all time.

SUPERMAN: Hey, if Nicolas Cage almost pulled it off, why couldn't Trejo? In a Danny Trejo-starring "Superman" movie, you'll believe a man can fly — and punch your head off just by looking at you.

What other franchises would you like to see Danny Trejo's pretty face in? Give your suggestions in the comments section!