'Back To The Future Part II' Gives Us A One-Cola Future In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

I'm torn by today's eBay Prop-Watch pick. It's suspicious: the seller is very up front about there being no certificate of authenticity. On the other hand, it's from "Back to the Future Part II." Perhaps not the best of the "Back to the Future" movies, but definitely the most imaginative of the three.

See, "Back to the Future Part II" jumps around in time far more than either of the other two. We see present-day 1980s, an alternate present in which Biff's possession of a sports almanac from the future leads to a "Mad Max"-like dystopia, the '50s, the Wild West and -- best of all -- the future. A future filled with flying cars and hoverboards, robot waiters and a one-cola world. Pepsi Perfect is apparently the choice of the next generation.

And here it is. I wonder what kind of liquid is in that funky-looking bottle. Do you think it's some flavor of Pepsi? Or just a cola-colored liquid that looks good on camera?

This baby will set you back $1,500 (Buy It Now price), which is pretty steep at the best of times. With no certificate of authenticity, it's downright risky. I'm not sure I could recommend a buy to those of you who have the money to burn, but it's a cool thing to look at at least.

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