Bad Haircuts, Greatest Sci-Fi/Horror And Losing Cell Reception Around The Blogosphere

-- The release of "Pandorum" this week, a movie which has drawn comparisons to everything from James Cameron's "Aliens" to Paul WS Andersons's "Event Horizon," has spurred a flurry of sci-fi/horror lists. Just today, our very own John Constantine put together his funny rundown of the scariest aliens in space. Cinematical's list is more laudatory, calling out the 10 greatest sci-fi/horror movies. (Sci-Fi Squad)

-- I love this list. New York Magazine's Vulture blog assembled a list/photo gallery of "The Future's Twelve Worst Haircuts." What is it pegged to, you ask? The ridiculous haircut that Bruce Willis sports in this week's comic book adaptation, "Surrogates." Do you need any more prodding than that? This feature is a win for one, simple reason: it mocks the despicable adaptation of L. Ron Hubbard's sci-fi novel, "Battlefield Earth." (Vulture)

-- The last Around the Blogosphere pick for today comes from the good people at Sci Fi Wire, a blog that rarely lets me down. One of their number spotted a kickass video post highlighting what has become an inescapable modern-day horror cliche: cellphone signal loss. Great stuff. (Sci Fi Wire)

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