From The Makers Of 'Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus' Comes...'MegaFault'! Watch The EXCLUSIVE Trailer!

Way back in May, we premiered the trailer for the wonderfully named "Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus." In no short order, the trailer rocketed across the Internet, popping up on every blog under the sun and garnering millions of streams.

Well, now we're back with another treat. Direct from The Asylum -- the studio known for such fare as "Transmorphers: Fall of Man" and "Snakes on a Train" -- comes "MegaFault," an epic disaster film starring none other than "8 Mile" sensation Brittany Murphy and "ER" doc Eriq La Salle. The duo play a seismologist and a miner, respectively, racing to stop a giant earthquake that threatens to tear the world in half. Yup, Roland Emmerich has some competition on his hands. Check out the fury below, or click here to watch it in glorious high-def. "MegaFault" airs on the SyFy Channel on October 10, and hits DVD on November 24.

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