Pee Wee Herman Makes Andy Milonakis' Pie In The Face Joke Better In Today's Daily TwitPic

Yesterday was a big day for Pee Wee Herman fans. Paul Reubens appeared on "The Jay Leno Show" the night before in the guise of his alter-ego, for starters. There was also the long-time-coming creation of an official Twitter account for @peeweeherman. In other words, Pee Wee is back and he's here with us in cyberspace. The word of the day is... "awesome."

The sudden Pee Wee resurgence led to a rush of of responses from around the Internet. Today's Daily TwitPic is one of those responses, from comedian and MTV veteran Andy Milonakis. In the image after the jump you can see a very messy -- and very excited -- Milonakis posing with Reubens and a handful of red licorice.

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