Michael Moore Slips On Some Latex In Today's eBay Prop-Watch

Does that headline scare you away or intrigue you? If it's a little bit of both, then my job here is done. Keep reading, secure in the knowledge that I'd never post anything overtly offensive or stomach-turning here... without warning you first.

Today's eBay Prop-Watch pick was selected in honor of "Capitalism: A Love Story." Michael Moore's latest op-ed-in-motion, dealing with the ongoing financial crisis, the factors that led to it and the prognosis moving forward, hits theaters this Friday. The Prop-Watch pick actually has nothing to do with "Capitalism"; it is instead a bit of leftover coolness from the filmmaker's previous effort, "Sicko." That latex bit makes more sense now, right?

See? Completely harmless. What we have here is a promo photo from "Sicko" signed by Moore. It's on the pricey side, with a Buy It Now price of $89.95, but it also includes a certificate of authenticity and comes from a trusted Power Seller.