'New Moon' Set Pics Show Shirtless Jacob, Edward's Golden Eyes

Usually the words "set photos" are accompanied by the words "out of focus" and "shot from a distance." Not today though. Professional photographers produce great results, especially when they're invited to a set with camera in tow. Such is the case with a heaping batch of new "New Moon" photos by photographer David Strick, shooting for the Los Angeles Times' photo blog, Hollywood Backlot.

As the headline suggests, there's quite a bit of eye candy (no pun intended). Check out Edward's (Robert Pattinson) shiny golden eyes and hit the jump for Taylor Lautner, shirtless. Then head over to the official posting for plenty more.

Here's some shirtless Jacob for you. I can't imagine why you'd want to see that...

How many of you have your tickets already bought for the November 20 opening? Any special celebratory plans?