Kanye West Won't Quit, 'Jennifer's Body' Down, Not Out And Unseen Horror Around The Blogosphere

-- Oh Kanye West. You reap what you sow, that's all I can say. You stepped all over 19 year old Taylor Swift's MTV Video Music Awards win -- her first one -- and now you're being dragged through the mud for it. The latest serving of Kanye-related hilarity comes from Sci Fi Wire, with some doctored images of the shamed rapper popping in to interrupt a variety of serial sci-fi/fantasy series'. I've got to say though, I'm surprised "Fringe" is absent. (Sci Fi Wire)

-- Readers on the Internets love themselves some lists. Love 'em. We like to indulge here on MTV Movies Blog as much as any other outlet, but I have to give it up to TotalFilm for their latest effort: 20 Greatest Horror Films You've Never Seen. They're on target too-- I've never seen a single one. (TotalFilm)

-- This one is my favorite of the day, and not just because it's written by one half of MTV's Gore Girls. Jenni Miller, who did a fantastic interview with "Jennifer's Body" director Karyn Kusama for MTV, really enjoyed the Megan Fox-starring horror flick. She also recognized that a wide cross-section of male critics haven't been "getting it" with regards to what the movie is about and who it is written for. So Jenni decided to set the record straight, with a well-thought out consideration of "Jennifer's Body" and the criticisms being leveled against it. If you've been on the fence about seeing the movie, or have seen it and are just confused, I highly recommended giving this a read. (Cinematical)