'Jennifer's Body' Director Karyn Kusama Offers More Details on her Rachel Weisz Project

Last week "Jennifer's Body" director Karyn Kusama dropped a few hints to super sci-fi site io9.com about her pet project starring Oscar winner Rachel Weisz, which has yet to find funding. She said, "there's a screenplay I wrote a while ago with a partner that has a sort of element of horror, although I would call it a psychological horror in the David Cronenberg tradition, that I'm trying to get made."

In a recent interview with MTV, Kusama cited David Cronenberg, the director whose specific type of creepy-crawliness is often referred to as body horror, as "a really important influence, or just an important role model as a creative force." Although Cronenberg's more recent works like "A History of Violence" and "Eastern Promises" veered more towards the mainstream, there's no doubt his earlier work like "Videodrome," "Dead Ringers" (Kusama's favorite), and of course the remake of "The Fly" tapped into our fears of mutation and other types of organic monstrousness.

In fact, "Jennifer's Body" uses body horror when it comes to the scariness of bodies going haywire. Kusama said, "in relation to adolescence and how being a teenager, you're kind of faced with your body changing and the sort of landscape of your desire changing so fast and furiously… with all the boy characters and all the girl characters, that there's this attempt to manage desire when you don't even really understand your desire and that, I think, is a very interesting sort of thing to mine in movies, always."

Luckily, she spilled a few more beans about this secret Weisz-starring freakout flick. "It definitely deals with... gender and our concepts of gender, and basically it's an amazing role for Rachel in which she basically plays two characters, or essentially two halves of the same character, but she is both male and female."

Kusama's been trying to get cash for the project "for nearly eight years," so let's hope that some brave soul decides to take a risk on this sexy-sounding freakout. If anyone can make it work, Karyn Kusama can.

Did you see "Jennifer's Body" this past weekend? Do you intend to see it now, after reading the press on it? What do you think of this Kusama mystery project, the one with Weisz?