A Mixed Offering Greets Friday Audiences In This Week's Box Office Poll

As if last week's mixed-genre Friday openings weren't enough, we've got the same song this week as well. I'm thinking that the front-runner is "Fame." Not only does it possess an all-ages appeal, but there's also the nostalgia factor to consider. The 1980 original was quite popular, so even childless thirty-somethings can find something to enjoy with this remake. Maybe.

It's not like there aren't other options. Michael Moore is back with another message-driven doc, "Capitalism: A Love Story." This one's about the sorry state of financial affairs that our nation is currently in, with the focus on what went wrong and how we got to where we currently are. Moore is nothing if not a crowd-pleaser, so expect to find his same brand of wry, scathing humor mixed with shocking facts about corporate and governmental wrongdoings.

In addition to the Moore flick, Overture Films also has some sci-fi/horror for you to enjoy. I don't know a whole lot about "Pandorum," but the trailer gives me a strong "Event Horizon" vibe. That is not a bad thing. It's also not surprising to learn that "Horizon" director Paul WS Anderson produced "Pandorum." Twilighters take note: "Twilight" villain Cam Gigandet stars alongside Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster.

Rounding out the big-ticket wide releases is comic book adaptation "Surrogates," starring Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell. I don't know much about this one either, but I do know that Bruce Willis sports a head of hair. It's almost worth seeing for that. The story is set in a future where people don't leave their homes, with good-looking robotic stand-ins handling outdoor activities. Creepy.

My own pick for the week is actually one of the limited releases, "Paranormal Activity." It's a "Blair Witch"-y sort of scenario: a couple thinks their house is haunted, so they set up a video camera to capture what happens in their bedroom while they sleep. Then things start to get a little crazy. The word is that it's absolutely terrifying, and yet entirely free of gore. Perfect; psychological horror is too rare these days.

"Paranormal" isn't the only limited release. Moviegoers in select cities can also go for comedy adaptation "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell," family drama "The Boys Are Back," Coco Chanel biopic "Coco Before Chanel" and the Hollywood-set comedy "The Blue Tooth Virgin." So what are you going to check out?