Jason Bateman On 'Arrested Development': 'Perhaps That Ship Has Sailed'

Things aren't quite as dire as Jason Bateman initially leads us to believe in the video below, an interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz at last week's Toronto International Film Festival. Still, the long-hoped-for "Arrested Development" movie certainly won't be seen at a theater near you anytime soon.

The only potentially "new" update is that series creator Mitch Hurwitz, now that his busy television season is over, is "intensely writing the movie." Otherwise, the story is pretty much the same as its been: it's Bateman's "guess" that said script is halfway done, his "guess" that "we'd be shooting in eight, nine, 10 months" and his "guess" that the movie would be out "six or seven months after that."

Poor Jason Bateman. I don't envy him having to constantly field these questions. Then again, if questions like these disappeared entirely maybe that ship would indeed have sailed as the "Arrested" star suggests. Speaking personally, I don't know a single fan of the show who has given up hope on a movie. To the contrary, we tend to hang onto every miniscule update that emerges, if only to keep hope alive.

Are you still psyched for an "Arrested Development" movie? Have you given up hope that it will ever happen?