Michael Douglas To Matt Damon: 'Get Your Chapstick Ready' For 'Liberace'

"It would be sexual harassment in any other business." That's what Matt Damon had to say about Michael Douglas's "chapstick" comment, a reference to the Liberace biopic the two will star in. Douglas will play the famous singer/showman and Damon, his gay lover. The duo will be under the direction of Steven Soderbergh, whose Damon-starring quirky comedy "The Informant!" hits theaters today.

In the video below you can hear Damon talking about his work with Soderbergh at last week's Toronto International Film Festival, where MTV's Josh Horowitz got to sit with him. Beware listeners: there are some sizable "Informant" spoilers in the latter half of the video, so hit stop at around 1:00/1:10 if you want to remain pure.

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