Top Patrick Swayze Quotes And Natalie Portman's Favorite Scene Around The Blogosphere

-- In the Around the Blogosphere post earlier this week, I sent you readers off to the wonderful We Love You So, which is the official blog of "Where the Wild Things Are." Now I'm sending you back there, for a follow-up to the previous post. This time it's only one image, of a very famous movie poster. Click it here and see for yourself. (We Love You So)

-- Natalie Portman was in Toronto earlier this week, plugging her new movie "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits." The good folks from Movieline cornered her for a chat, and they asked the actress to play their little "My Favorite Scene" game. Portman was into it; her pick was "Dirty Dancing." Which moment, you ask? Follow the link to find out! (Movieline)

-- I freakin' love this Three Frames blog. If you missed my last shout to it, there's no text. Just images. Animated images. Essentially, three frames from a noted movie. The latest one is most excellent.

Can you name the movie? It's a John Hughes CLASSIC. (Three Frames)

-- I haven't shown enough love to Spout Blog lately, but I'm going to change that right now. Chris Campbell, whose byline you frequently see here on MTV Movies Blog as well, put together a list of Patrick Swayze's top 10 movie quotes. Can you guess what number one might be? It's not from "Red Dawn"... that's at number two. (Spout Blog)