Ice-T And Russell Simmons Take Second Place In Today's Daily TwitPic

Really unfortunate news this morning. Okay... maybe not that bad, but a bummer nonetheless. Putting together yesterday's Twitter-Wood, I found a really cool twitpic from "Lost Boys: The Tribe" writer Hans Rodionoff. It was a person painted blue & white, bent over with all sorts of familiar bits and pieces affixed on and around his (or her?) backside. This painted, bent over freak was made up to look like a human R2D2. But the twitpic has disappeared, so today's Daily TwitPic is yesterday's runner-up.

Warmoth would be proud. What we have here, essentially, is Ice-T chilling with a famous person. Though in this pic he looks more like a bodyguard or some dude in the background. That's Russell Simmons in the foreground, with T's wife Coco. He looks like he's having fun, doesn't he?

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