Henry Gibson, 1935-2009

I don't even have the words anymore. Lots of tragedy this week. Henry Gibson was a gifted performer. He was acting at age 7 and got his break in "The Nutty Professor," the original from 1963. I'll always know him best as the creepy neighbor in "The 'Burbs." He left us today at the age of 73.

Gibson had more high profile roles and more serious ones as well, appearing in four of Robert Altman's films, Paul Thomas Anderson's "Magnola," comedy classic "The Blues Brothers" and, most recently, "Wedding Crashers." But I'll never forget the first time I saw him, in "The 'Burbs," when he seemed like this nice old neighbor being harassed by crazy Tom Hanks. Only then you find out that he actually is a psychotic killer, chopping up corpses and incinerating them in his basement.

Perhaps not the most heartfelt remembrance, but that's how Gibson left his mark in my life. He was a "that guy" for the ages, a great character actor. He will be missed.

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