Jessica Biel And 'District 9' Star Sharlto Copley In Talks To Join 'The A-Team'

There are a lot of fools in this world, and I pity all of them. But I most pity the fool who's not on board with the idea of bringing the classic "A-Team" TV series to the big screen. The original was gloriously cheesy, filled with bad one-liners and over-the-top action. It was a made-for-TV serial blockbuster. Mix in a $100 million+ dollar budget, and you've got a cinematic atom bomb on your hands.

The key cast has been slowly -- ever-so-slowly -- coming together. After much rumor-mongering, misreporting and illicitly obtained soundbiting, stars Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson were finally confirmed earlier this year for the roles of Faceman and Hannibal, respectively. More recently, UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson was kinda-sorta confirmed for the role of B.A. Baracus (we're still waiting for official confirmation from Jackson's reps on that one). Now we have word today from Variety that Jessica Biel and "District 9" star Sharlto Copley are both in talks.

Copley, who carried director Neill Blomkamp's summer not-blockbuster "District 9" to impressive heights, is up for the role of "Howling Mad" Murdock. A perfect bit of casting, so long as Copley can lose his accent. He certainly rose to the challenge of "District 9," an impressive feat considering that he was originally signed on as producer and nothing more. The relatively one-note persona of Murdock shouldn't be a problem, and it will certainly keep the newcomer on the map.

Biel will play the general pursuing the titular rogue mercenaries. Her character is a former love interest of Faceman's, and I'll be very surprised if the story doesn't throw them back into some sort of romantic entanglement. Cooper and Biel -- if she lands the role, that is -- are certainly the most photogenic members of the cast.

With the key cast members finally falling into place, the planned June 11, 2010 release of "A-Team" is actually starting to look like a possibility. I wouldn't be surprised if that date gets pushed back, since we're look at less than a year to shoot and post-produce this thing, but the cast that's shaping up is solid enough that it deserves the extra love, delay or no.

How do you feel about "The A-Team" now that it's looking fully assembled? Do you like Biel for the role of the pursuing general? Do you buy her as military top brass?