'Paranormal Activity' Creeps Out The MTV News Interns

Yesterday, a group of MTV News interns were sent off to a screening of "Paranormal Activity." I hate them all. Director Oren Peli's "real" ghost story -- think "Blair Witch" -- looks terribly scary and wholly awesome. If I'd known about the screening, I would've been right there with them. Instead I'll be waiting until the film's proper release on September 25.

I'll warn you all now: with movies like this, it's often best to go in completely cold. James Dinh's writeup, which you'll find after the jump, isn't really spoiler-heavy. Still, the less you know about what you in for, the more terrified you'll likely be. Just saying. If curiosity does get the best of you, hit the jump for James' impressions.

by James Dinh

A few weeks ago, I heard about a small low budget film called "Paranormal Activity," directed by Oren Peli. The word was that it played up on the whole home video style of filmmaking and that it was scary as hell.

As an avid horror fan, I wondered how scary the movie could actually be. I’ve seen "The Blair Witch Project" before but it didn’t really do much for me. When the rest of the MTV News interns and I were given a chance to catch a pre-screening of "Paranormal," I was pumped. And if there’s any movie that stirs up that psychological fear when you’re home alone in your bed, this is it!

"Paranormal Activity" follows couple Micah and Katie as they investigate what they believe to be ghostly home invaders. Micah buys a super-expensive video camera and sets it up in their room at night to see if they can catch anything. Katie, who has periodically experienced paranormal occurrences throughout most of her life, is intrigued but has no interest in actually communicating with the entity. They seek professional help, and learn that they are most likely dealing with a demon. The build up is intense as Micah provokes and instigates the unknown visitor. It starts with a shudder of the door, but as the days progress, so does the paranormal activity (and my adrenaline rush).

The simplicity of "Paranormal" is what makes it so horrifying. There’s no blood, no serial killer and no gore whatsoever. The film relies on scaring viewers based on what they thought was stomping up the stairway or what was behind that pounding door when the couple was trapped in their own bedroom. It’s all about scaring you and making you feel as if it’s real.

"Paranormal Activity," a 2007 film that's been making the festival rounds, will finally hit theaters on September 25, 2009. Be afraid.