Miley Cyrus And Her Glam Squad In Today's Daily TwitPic

I'm breaking the rules a little bit this morning. Warmoth's "Twitter Pic of the Day" selection yesterday was a photo of Jessica Simpson's dog, which was snatched away by a coyote before her very eyes. Sorry, but that's just heartbreaking. I have a dog, and I'd be devastated if such a thing happened. I'm sorry for what Simpson went through and I'm not going to make jokes at her poor pup's expense.

So I've picked another tweet from yesterday for today's Daily TwitPic, something that's much more happiness-friendly. Miley Cyrus, her drummer/musical director Stacy Jones and her Glam Squad making funny faces for a camera. Who's going to feel sad looking at a thing like that? No one, that's who! Enjoy your Daily TwitPic and think happy thoughts for Simpson's stolen pup.

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