Patrick Swayze: A Fanboy's Remembrance

FROM MTV.COM: It was one of those "Is that really him? Where's that guy been?" cameos. By the time Patrick Swayze popped up in 2001's cult time-travel mind-frack "Donnie Darko," he'd become something of a pop culture punch line: the dude with the half-pompadour, half-mullet hairdo who popped up every so often on TBS to argue sincerely that nobody puts Baby in a corner.

And then his "Darko" turn reminded us why we'd loved Swayze for so long, from his breakout role in the inaugural Brat Pack movie, "The Outsiders," to the badassery of "Road House" to "Point Break," which was so fantastic it should have spawned an entire copycat industry of undercover FBI/surfer-dude crime flicks. As Jim Cunningham in "Darko," Swayze stole every scene he was in as an impeccably coiffed motivational speaker who delivers his inane coinages — Anger Prisoner! Fear Instrument! — with equal parts unwavering certainty and goose-bump-inducing creepiness.

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