Duncan Jones Channels Some 'Blade Runner' For His 'Moon' Follow-up, 'Mute'

That image up there is the first bit of concept art for "Moon" director Duncan Jones' sophomore effort, "Mute." Very little is known about the project, other than the fact that it is set in a futuristic Berlin and that it follows a mute bartender as he searches for his missing lady. "Moon" was easily one of the most inventive science fiction efforts of the decade, right alongside Neill Blomkamp's "District 9," so Jones could be doing something about an international cabal of baby assassins and I'd still be interested.

The website where the image appeared, Liberty Films, also lists Jones and Mike Johnson ("Sherlock Holmes") as the writers. The shoot is set to get underway in early 2010.

You can see in the image a sign that reads "Femde," the German word for stranger/alien. The entire sign actually reads "Femde Traume," which is German for "Foreign Dreams." Thanks to /Film for that one; Jones provided the site with a larger, hi-res version of the image.

The establishment is clearly a strip club or a brothel or some kind of sex purveyor. Some toughs in black suits (uniforms?) appear to be leading a dude out and into a waiting hovercar -- oh yes, a hovercar -- while another dude watches from a safe distance. As for the woman... well who knows what she's up to, but I doubt it was anything wholesome.

Do you like the look of "Mute"? Are you feeling the "Blade Runner" vibe? What do you think is happening in the above concept image?