'Jennifer's Body' Director Karyn Kusama Eyes Rachel Weisz, Body Horror For Her Next Project

I'll admit, I feel a little bit bad for Karyn Kusama. Between star Megan Fox and Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, the "Jennifer's Body" director has kind of been overshadowed by the super-team she's assembled. Still, the comedy/horror flick which hits theaters this Friday is looking very entertaining, and Kusama has a lot to do with that.

I'm excited then to hear talk of her potential next project, a "[David] Cronenberg-inspired body horror" tale focusing on gender issues. Rachel Weisz is attached, but that's all Kusama would say. The project isn't even necessarily a go just yet; as Kusama tells io9, "let's hope that some day it finally gets some money."

While most horror filmmakers nowadays employ scenes of excessive gore for the sake of it, Cronenberg comes from a different school of thought. His work -- "Videodrome," "The Fly," "Eastern Promises," to name a few -- tends toward the gory, but there's always something very deliberate, almost sensual, in the way such scenes are imparted to viewers.

It's encouraging then to see Kusama, whom we can still safely refer to as an emerging filmmaker, embrace such a compelling inspiration as she continues to explore horror. Granted, the director's sophomore effort, an adaptation of the classic MTV cartoon series "Æon Flux" (which notably had a fair bit of body horror going on), fell considerably short of great.

"Body" looks a lot better though, especially since it's an original story from such a talented screenwriter. A win there could pave the road ahead with enough money to launch this hoped-for next project with Weisz on board. It will also serve to distinguish Kusama as a potent dual threat: a creatively minded, boundary-testing horror filmmaker who also happens to be a woman. More please!

Are you a fan of Kusama's previous work? Are you looking forward to "Jennifer's Body"? What do you make of her revelation that David Cronenberg is a key inspiration in her work?