'New Moon' Trailer Packs In Action, Ghost Edward And Italian Vampires

UPDATE: Let's try that again. Here's the "New Moon" trailer, in perfect working order.

Here it is, Twilighters. The trailer you've all been waiting for. Probably the last theatrical trailer we'll see for "New Moon" before it hits theaters on November 20. It's a good one too. Lots of action, lots of shirtless RPattz -- something I know you ladies love -- and lots of icy Volturi stares. You get to see what makes Bella crash her motorbike, something only hinted at in the previous trailer.

There are some pretty spoiler-heavy moments, but I guess the rules need to be adjusted when you're dealing with an adaptation. A newcomer's spoiler is a die-hard "Twilight" fan's money shot. Enjoy the new Mooniness, y'all.

Did you like the trailer? Too revealing? Not enough (ha!)? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!