Jennifer Aniston To Undergo 'Really Intensive' Guitar Lessons For Upcoming Drama 'The Goree Girls'

She may have become a bit typecast over the last few years with lighthearted romances like “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “The Break-Up” and “Along Came Polly,” but one of the cool things about Jennifer Aniston is that the girl does have a neat little indie streak buried deep inside her. With flicks like “The Good Girl,” “The Iron Giant” and “Office Space,” she has the guts to lend her star power to something different and daring from time to time – and in an upcoming flick, it sounds like she might be singing that tune once again.

“I’m taking time off until January or February even and diving into my production company, Echo, with projects that we’re developing… ’Goree Girls’ is the one I’m most excited about,” explained the star, citing the name of a period drama she’s been developing for more than a year. “[The script is based on] an article from Texas Monthly that Skip Hollandsworth wrote. It’s about the first female country/western band.”

In addition to producing the flick, which will be directed by “Grey Gardens” filmmaker Michael Sucsy, Aniston is planning to star – which will require her to sing and play an instrument.

“I play guitar,” Aniston revealed. And when we asked her how she is at wielding an axe, the rookie replied: “I don’t know yet.”

Aniston, whose “Love Happens” opens in theaters on September 18, explained that she’ll soon undergo “really intensive” guitar lessons that are “gonna start over the next couple of months. Just for me, I’m just gonna start playing, learning guitar.” Hmm, do you think she knows any famous guitar players who could teach her a few things?

“[These girls] started a band in prison, in order to be pardoned and basically paroled from jail,” Aniston said of the film’s fascinating true-life plot. “And they became a mass sensation, unbeknownst to them. One by one, they did eventually get paroled and pardoned, but their pact was that they were never to speak the name Goree Girls [in the outside world].”

“They basically became like the Dixie Chicks of their time, all over the world,” Aniston explained. “But they had such a scarlet letter on themselves from being women imprisoned at that time… as opposed to today, where everybody’s begging and dying for that ‘American Idol’ moment, or that ‘Fame’ moment, they actually did it to be become free.”

Hoping to shoot sometime next year alongside a cast that will surely contain some other high-profile actresses/bandmates, Aniston said she’s looking forward to those guitar lessons, and to channeling her inner Eddie Van Halen. “More like Loretta Lynn,” she laughed.

Are you looking forward to watching Aniston sing and play guitar? Who else would you like to see as a Goree Girl?