Tyrese Gibson Shares An iMoment With Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Apple held a much-publicized press conference yesterday, revealing all sorts of new updates and devices designed to improve our iLives on iEarth. Price drops, software updates, iPod upgrades... the usual bullet-points, only more and better than before. Go Apple.

Since the technology company is such a pop culture cornerstone these days -- thank you, iPhone (I mean it... you rock, iPhone) -- they tend to draw a crowd when the big announcements drop. A high-profile crowd even. Especially when Apple CEO and Bill Gates arch-nemesis Steve Jobs is going to be on hand. In today's Daily TwitPic, Twitter-lover Tyrese Gibson managed to land some face -- and camera -- time with Jobs. The pic is on the blurry side, but it's not every day you get to chill with one of the most powerful dudes in big business.

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