'Where the Wild Things Are' Star Compares Book's Bad Buzz to His 'Really, Really Amazing' Film

After numerous delays, horror stories of re-edits, trailers that kick ass and so much more, you could be forgiven if you don’t know what to think about “Where the Wild Things Are” anymore. Now, after all the yanking back and forth, fans will finally get to judge Spike Jonze’s film for themselves on October 16th – and the movie’s young star told us recently that it’s worth the long, confusing wait.

“Spike’s great; his big thing is he takes people and puts them in new situations, like I’ve never done the acting before,” explained 12-year-old Max Records, who plays young adventurer Max in the movie based on Maurice Sendak’s beloved children’s book. “He wants it all to be spontaneous and authentic and real, and not like acting.”

The method sure has worked so far in Jonze’s few-and-far-between instant classics, “Being John Malkovich” and “Adaptation.” But what about those pesky rumors that Jonze made a children’s film that will scare children?

“Not at all, it doesn’t scare me,” said Records, shooting down rumors that please geeks as much as they terrify parents. “The people that want to change it and stuff [don’t understand]… It’s fine as it is. It’s not scary; it’s the same feeling as the book.”

“When the book first came out, it was banned and all the adults hated it and stuff,” Jonze’s young leading man reasoned. “But all the kids absolutely loved it. Then people started realizing ‘Oh this is good. This is good.’ And so, I think it’s the same thing - only hopefully, it won’t take too long for people to actually realize that it’s really, really amazing.”

Out of the mouths of babes, right? Let’s just hope that Records is more than a wise-beyond-his-years young actor, and that Jonze’s “Where the Wild Things Are” is something special. If not, fans and critics alike seem sure to unleash their terrible roars, terrible eyes and terrible claws.

What do you think? Have the “Where the Wild Things Are” ads successfully turned around all that negative buzz? Or are you still too scared to see it?