'9' And 'Whiteout' Butt Heads In This Week's Box Office Poll

They're not the only two releases on the plate this week, but they're the two which are most likely to divide audiences. Shane Acker's "9" has been something of a staple on MTV Movies Blog these past few months. I caught a screening over the summer and very much enjoyed what I saw.

Produced by Tim Burton and "Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov, "9" is set in a stitchpunk dystopian future in which humans have been eradicated. All that remains are robotic contraptions and little beings made of sackcloth. It's a short movie -- roughly 75 minutes -- but it gets in, tells a compelling story and then gets out with exceptional economy. You won't be left with many questions when the credits roll even though there's a relative absence of heavy exposition. In summation, "9" is short and sweet. Check out our coverage of "9" all this week on MTV Splash Page for exclusive clips, images and interviews.

Opening with an appeal to a similar demographic is "Whiteout," adapted from the comic by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber. The story concerns a United States marshal (Kate Beckinsdale) who is assigned to investigate a murder in Antarctica. She arrives, along a UN operative (Gabriel Macht) assigned to the same case, just three days before the arctic winter blankets the entire continent in a... whiteout. Seeing as how I've already checked out "9," this is my own easy pick for the week.

Audiences looking for something a bit more shmaltzy have a new one from Tyler Perry to check out: "I Can Do Bad All By Myself." When Perry's character Madea catches a trio of miscreants looting her home, she ships them off to stay with and get a lesson from their aunt April (Taraji P. Henson). The lesson-giving turns out to be a two-way street after April, who has a host of her own problems, when she accepts a Mexican immigrant (Adam Rodriguez) into her home.

Rounding out the week's biggest releases is horror remake "Sorority Row," which stars a who's who of young Hollywood talents -- Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Rumer Willis, Jamie Chung, Audrina Patridge -- plus Princess Leia (ie Carrie Fisher). The younger women are all sorority sisters and good friends, but their relationships are tested when one of them dies in a prank gone awry and a mysterious stalker begins sending threatening messages and video from the night of the death. Who could it be? You'll have to check out the movie to find out.

There is also a range of limited release options on offer to those who live in select cities: "Crude," "Walt & El Grupo," "White on Rice," "The Red Canvas" and "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt." In case you missed it, we ran an exclusive clip from "Reasonable Doubt" on the blog a few weeks ago, so be sure to check it out. What's your poison for this weekend? Cast your vote in the poll below!