'Gamer' Battles An Unlikely Contender In The Box Office Poll And 'Twilight' Owns The Week In Review

Really, readers? You heart "Gamer" and "Amreeka" this weekend? That's what the box office poll says, with both flicks tied for first at 46% of your votes apiece. "All About Steve" comes next, with 4%, and "Extract" after that, with 2%. The rest isn't even worth talking about. I'm curious to know what the draw is for "Amreeka." No snark here; I know very little about the movie, and I'd like to know why it's so popular with you all.

As far as the week on MTV Movies Blog goes, "Twilight" commands the majority of your views. What's odd is the age of some of the posts you're clicking on. I have to give a shout to newmoonmovie.org for linking us. They're not the only ones of course, but they sent a lot of eyes over to MTV Movies Blog this past week and we all thank them for it. Hit the jump for the week's top five.

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