See 'Jennifer's Body' Star Megan Fox Grow In Our 'Evolution' Image Gallery

Let's be honest with ourselves here. Megan Fox is pretty young, relatively speaking. She hasn't done a whole lot of evolving in the less than a decade she's been working in Hollywood. This image gallery then is really just a collection of images featuring the "Transformers" star in a variety of dresses against a variety of backdrops. Let me ask you this though: isn't that enough?

Fox will next appear in the Diablo Cody-penned "Jennifer's Body," which opens on September 18. You can catch an early look at it tonight though, along with exclusive interviews and clips from "Ninja Assassin," "2012" and "Clash of the Titans," on MTV's latest episode of "Behind the Screen," airing at 7pm. And if waiting even that long is too difficult, check out our "Jennifer's Body" image gallery or click the pic below for a full-on Megan overload.