Kevin Smith/Adam Brody Cop Comedy 'A Couple Of Dicks' To Be Renamed? Pitch Your Ideas!

Could Hollywood really be making a movie that will be marketed on billboards and marquees nationwide as “A Couple of Dicks”? The answer is yes… and, well… no.

“That was everyone’s intention, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen,” Adam Brody told MTV recently, echoing Kevin Smith’s statements that he may have to change the name of his now-wrapped Bruce Willis-Tracy Morgan buddy cop comedy. “We were talking about [changing the name]; you can’t really advertise that before 9[pm on TV] if that’s the case, so that really hampers [the studio].”

Over the last few years, the “Clerks” writer/director has had plenty of experience grappling with would-be censors, and as he recently admitted to Brody, the writing is on the wall. “I know he feels a little burned, because he fought really hard for ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’ [to retain its title],” Brody said of Smith’s last flick. “And then it didn’t do that well. This time he’s like ‘F-ck the title, you can call it ‘Cream Cheese,’ I don’t care.’ So, I’d be surprised [if he kept it].”

As profane as it might sound, the title is actually pretty clever –- as anyone who has ever seen a black & white detective flick remembers, “dick” is shorthand for detective -– but nevertheless, Brody and the other stars of the film have spent the past few weeks brainstorming.

“We’re all trying to think of alternate titles that aren’t just ‘A Couple of Cops,’ which I could see it being,” Brody, who plays a fellow policeman in the film, said with a shrug. “But, some [names we’ve come up with] are catchy. It’s actually pretty tricky. We’ve got no good runner-ups so far.”

Instead, Brody recommended that we open up the floor to you guys to help name the February 2010 flick. “You absolutely should,” he laughed.

So let’s hear it, folks: what's a good title to replace “A Couple of Dicks”? Give us your ideas in the comments section below or hit us up @mtvmoviesblog on Twitter! Maybe you’ll help name Kevin Smith’s next flick!

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