'Jennifer's Body' Star Megan Fox Refuses To Sing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' For MTV

The below clip is so funny, I just watched it twice. How much would you pay "Jennifer's Body" star Megan Fox to hear her sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"? Understanding of course that anything you can offer her probably pales in comparison to what's she's made starring in two "Transformers" movies for Michael Bay. MTV's Josh Horowitz offers her $300, but no dice. And that's just the start of the hilarity.

This is all to get you pumped for the upcoming episode of "Behind the Screen," which you can catch this Friday on MTV at 7pm. The below clip is an outtake from the hour or so Josh spent with Ms. Fox, meaning you'll be seeing all new material on Friday. So hit play and enjoy the funny, then tune in for "Behind the Screen" to kick off your weekend!