'New Moon' Star Jackson Rathbone Will 'Shoot A Lot Of Fighting Scenes' For 'Eclipse'

When I watched "Twilight" for the first time a couple weeks ago, one of the characters I immediately wanted to know more about was Jasper, played by Jackson Rathbone. As the youngest blood-drinker to join the Cullen clan, his barely restrained intensity is explained away by his inability to cope with the bloodlust he feels whenever he comes into close contact with humans.

The immediate question I had was "when did he join the family, and under what circumstances?" It's a backstory that gets explored in the series' subsequent entries, particularly "Eclipse." In a recent interview with MTV, Rathbone had plenty to say on what we can expect to see from him in the second and third movies, releasing this November and next June, respectively.

"I'm really excited to start filming 'Eclipse.' I got a chance to read the script, and we get to go back into Jasper's backstory," Rathbone said. For those who don't know, Jasper is a 166 year old Civil War veteran.

"I get to shoot some Civil War stuff, and I'm also going to shoot a lot of fighting scenes," he said. "Which is great, because I just came off [M. Night Shyamalan's] "The Last Airbender," and I've been doing fighting for the last six months. So I'm ready to keep it on."

That's not to say Rathbone will be bringing his "Airbender" fighting chops to "Eclipse"; Eastern martial arts weren't exactly the rage among Civil War soldiers, after all. "It won't be karate, it won't be kung fu, like the stuff we're doing in 'Airbender.' But even in 'Airbender,' the fighting styles I was doing were a little bit more loose, like street fighting."

For more from Rathbone on fighting newborns, training the Cullens and how each vampire's powers manifest in the movie, head over to MTV.com for Larry Carroll's full report.