With 'Dark Shadows,' Tim Burton's Challenge Is 'To Capture That Weird Tone Of The Show'

"Dark Shadows" is a '60s soap opera about vampires. All things supernatural really, but vampires are a big focus thanks to Jonathan Frid's character Barnabas Collins. In an interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz, director Tim Burton -- who will soon turn to "Dark Shadows" with frequent collaborator Johnny Depp as its star -- said that it's too early to say if fans can expect a cameo from Frid in the adaptation.

Besides, Burton has bigger "Shadows" concerns than that. "One of the biggest challenges on ['Dark Shadows'] is to just capture that weird tone of the show," he said. For now, the focus is on Burton's unfinished "Alice in Wonderland," which hits theaters in March 2010. As the director reveals in the video below, he hasn't even seen the Caterpillar yet! "Dark Shadows" will come, in due time. But first, we all need to take a trip down the rabbit hole.