Which Actors Would You Like To See In Todd McFarlane's 'Wizard Of Oz'? These Are Our Casting Call Picks!

In the first "Wizard of Oz" movie, Dorothy sure wasn't in Kansas anymore -- but in Todd McFarlane's proposed reimagining of the franchise, it's unclear if Dorothy is even in Oz anymore.

Based on his "Twisted Land of Oz" action figure line, McFarlane's upcoming "Wizard of Oz" film promises a lot more mayhem and mischief than a winged monkey could ever muster, and you don't have to take McFarlane's word for it -- the action figures themselves speak volumes about this dark and dangerous new Oz.

Given the horrifying look of the toys, it's tough to imagine who could play these mangled versions of L. Frank Baum's classic characters -- but that's not stopping me from trying! After the jump, check out the five actors that I'd like to see in McFarlane's new "Oz" film.

Rose McGowan as Dorothy Gale: Looking at the Dorothy action figure, there are two important casting decisions to acknowledge right away: firstly, this is no role for Dakota Fanning. Secondly, Kuato from "Total Recall" will be playing every munchkin in the film. Beyond that, this looks like a role for Rose McGowan -- no stranger to dark, twisted roles thanks to "Grindhouse" and "Jawbreaker," but with plenty of killer instinct in both of those films, McGowan definitely has what it takes to thrive in "Oz."

Mickey Rourke as the Lion: With his guts and muscles exposed, McFarlane's take on the Lion isn't likely to get a lot of screen time in the film, unless his injuries come towards the movie's end... in which case, uh, spoiler alert. Clearly, the Lion will require a healthy dose of make-up and CGI effects, but a gruff and tough body will be needed for motion capture -- and who could embody this character better than Mickey Rourke? He not only has the physique, he's also got the gravely voice to sell this Lion as anything but a coward.

Michael Reid MacKay as the Scarecrow: There are few things more terrifying than Michael Reid MacKay's portrayal of Victor the Sloth victim in "Se7en," a barely alive skeletal husk that screams like a banshee. Take one good look at the mangled Scarecrow action figure and you'll be convinced that MacKay's "Se7en" character is a dead ringer for the role. Just break out that old 1995 make-up, add a blue coat and slap it all together on Mr. MacKay, and you'll be looking at McFarlane's Scarecrow.

Doug Jones as the Tin Woodsman: While he'd be equally well-suited for the Scarecrow -- really, he'd be great as any character in the film, Dorothy included -- Doug Jones encompasses everything you'd want in this terrifying version of the heartless Tin Woodsman. Imagining the awkward rigidity of the Pale Man from "Pan's Labyrinth," combined with the muscly exterior and likely-to-drag right foot, all embodied in Doug Jones... well, that's enough to give me nightmares before I even see the movie.

Christopher Walken as the Wizard: The gas mask-wearing Wizard requires an actor with wisdom, physicality and an unparalleled voice. The answer, of course, is none other than Christopher Walken, who already possesses the voice of an angel. His not-so-everyman swagger and undeniable lyricism -- not to mention his often menacing temper tantrums -- are the exact qualities needed to bring Oz's number one fraud to life.

Who do you think should be cast in Todd McFarlane's reimagining of "The Wizard of Oz"? Sound off in the comments section!