'Anchorman 2' Won't Be Seen Until At Least 'Two Years From Now,' Says Adam McKay

Milk may have been a bad choice for Ron Burgundy, but it was a very, very good decision by longtime comedy partners Will Ferrell and Adam McKay to collaborate in 2004 on “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” Now, the duo are wise enough to finally be working out plans for a sequel –- so wise in fact, that they’re like little Buddhas, covered in hair.

“We have an idea, we love it, we’ve talked to the cast and they all love it,” writer/producer/director McKay revealed recently, giving us news we love more than lamp. “It’s all about the scheduling now.”

Echoing the recent statements of his producing partner Judd Apatow, McKay left open the possibility that Ron, Champ, Brian, Brick and the rest of the gang could be glimpsed at a different time in their lives. Rather than making them elderly, McKay seemed to like the idea of an '80s news team staying classy in San Diego.

“We’re kinda playing with that a little bit,” he said when asked if the sequel would take place in the era of Reaganomics, echoing Paul Rudd's previous statements and making it sound like the plan is to re-visit the gang a decade later than the events of the first film. “I can’t quite comment on that. But yeah, we’re goofing with that.”

McKay and Ferrell are busy dudes these days, overseeing Funny or Die, releasing the recent film “The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard,” and teaming together again on “The Other Guys,” a currently-filming action-comedy starring Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Rob Riggle and Richard Jenkins. “We’re doing this movie, so that knocks us to another year from now,” McKay said of when “Anchorman 2” will start filming. “Maybe we’ll start writing the script during post on this. Movies take awhile, so probably the closest you would ever see it happening is two years from now.”

“But we are definitely doing it,” McKay insisted, storming our collective castle on his steed. “It’s just a matter of when, and scheduling.”

As for that basic plot that Ferrell, Rudd, Apatow and everyone else are so excited about, McKay wanted to make sure we didn’t get our hopes up too high. “All I can tell you is I know it’s going to be a letdown,” he reasoned, saying that since comedy sequels are never as good, they’re convinced that “Anchorman 2” requires a particularly insane plot device. “Always, the first one’s the big one. So, we’ve taken that into account, and we’re trying to do an extra crazy idea. That’s all I can tell you.”

By the beard of Zeus, “Anchorman” fans are determined to see a sequel in theaters someday, and we hope it will be yummier than a big feast of fiberglass insulation. If not, we may be forced to express our inner anguish through the majesty of song.

Do you want to see Ron Burgundy in the Eighties, as an old man, or at some other point in his life?