Seth Rogen Calls Simon Pegg Alien Flick 'Hysterical,' But His Costume Is 'Absurd'

Sometimes a movie comes along that we know precious little about, except that we might want to keep an eye on this thing. “Paul” is one such project – a random mix of comedy and sci-fi starring fan favorites Simon Pegg, Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig and Sigourney Weaver. Mix in the fact that it’s written by Pegg and his “Shaun of the Dead” partner Nick Frost, and directed by “Superbad” helmer Greg Mottola, and the recently-wrapped flick could be something special when it hits theaters next year.

Oh, and did I mention that it also stars Seth Rogen as an alien?

“That was a great time,” Rogen told us recently when we asked him about the flick, which has teased fans with some brief footage depicting the “Knocked Up” star goofing around on-set in a motion-capture suit. “Just hanging out with those guys was a good time.”

Rogen provides the voice and mannerisms for Paul, a CGI-rendered alien who befriends two sci-fi geeks after they find him near Area 51. The star spent his time on-set dressed in an odd-looking black leotard with orange stripes on it, as well as a facial device reminiscent of the headgear that dentists sometimes make kids with braces wear.

“It’s a camera that monitors my facial movements, and tracks them so they could upload it into the alien layer,” Rogen said of the device, which will supplement his movements to make him seem out of this world. “Yeah, it was pretty absurd.”

According to the funnyman, however, he would have gladly slipped into any contraption just to work with the “Hot Fuzz” hotshots. “I’m a big fan of Simon and Nick; I met them a couple of years ago and they’re both hysterical in my opinion,” Rogen said of his participation. “And Greg Mottola I’ve known for 10 years now; he’s one of the greatest guys ever in my opinion. I jumped at the opportunity to work with those guys. The script was hysterical; it just seemed like a really funny idea.”

Rogen admitted that he’ll be just as curious as the rest of us to see what Pegg, Frost and Mottola make out of all that motion-capture footage they shot with him, but this much seems certain: With those guys running the show, Paul will definitely be a very different E.T. than the one Rogen voiced in “Monsters vs. Aliens” earlier this year.

If we ever discover aliens for real, would you want them to have Seth Rogen’s voice and mannerisms?