Defending 'Twilight,' Summer Facts And Three Frames Of Awesome Around The Blogosphere

-- In the pantheon of classic action movies, there is "Aliens" and there is "Die Hard." They're not the only ones of course, and I'm not entirely sure why those two live together -- maybe because both deal with trapped protagonists? -- but which one is better? It's the sort of question that movie nerds like me can debate into the wee hours of the morning. And that's exactly what George "El Guapo" Roush does in this feature for Latino Review. (Latino Review)

-- Did you know that four of this summer's many movie offerings featured a miscarriage or stillbirth? And that 12 featured vomiting, or a direct reference to the same? How about that two ended with Flo Rida's "Right Round" and two others ended with the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow"? Find out which ones and more fun summer movie facts in William Goss's feature on Cinematical. (Cinematical)

-- This isn't a single blog post per se, but rather an entire site. is devoted to posting images from movies. Not just stills though. Three frames from a single scene, strung together in a loop and playing over and over again. See for yourself (give the image time to load; the loop is supposed to play fast):

It's beautifully weird, and I recommend that you all give it a peek, see how many movies you can name (let's start with the one in that pic up there). Keep your headache meds handy though. It's mesmerizing, isn't it? Big ups to UGO's VP of Editorial Chris Radtke for pointing me to this one. (Three Frames)

-- Writing for, Amanda Bell constructs a well-thought-out argument defending the "rights" of Twilighters to act like super-fans. As many of you well know -- we're certainly aware of it here at MTV -- the easy, fun thing to do these days is pick on "Twilight" fans. It's pretty ridiculous really, since many of the same people who do that are in fact nerded out fans of other franchises themselves. It's easy to jump on the hate train, and I applaud Ms. Bell for pointing out just that. We should all be so clear-minded. (